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Davina BIM Tech | Product and Service to Building Industry

Product and Service to Building Industry

DESIGN @ Pre-construction phase

1. Clash detection, coordination, and Optimization

Design clash detection and coordination across trades avoid delay from abortive works, save cost and resources optimization. Complexity between MEP systems is fully coordinated by virtual integration simulation modelling before installation, and precisely placed on-site within the constrain space.
BIM-based service management modules include GIS, VR, AR and visual display (Mobile phone, desk top and I-pad etc.)

2. Design analysis

BIM offers design analysis of structure seismic, daylighting, illumination, HVAC, acoustic and energy saving. Site circulation analysis and layout can be achieved by GIS.

3. Cost estimation/ E-tender

Cost estimation replaces manual quantitative analysis of building components from construction drawings, to a streamlined and repeatable takeoff from the digital record.
The software provides management protocols in managing the feasibility, strategy maps and project budgeting.

BUILD @ Construction phase

4. Procurement and material management

Project scheduling and tracking, by integrating supply, prefabrication, distribution and installation of components. These are driven by a shared and coordinated set of digital construction documentation, providing detailed size and location of components, processing requirements for prefabrication.
Integrate construction schedule and flow section to extract the corresponding materials for procurement and automatic processing

Building materials inventory is managed by label information with brand and model number, manufacturer, production date, dimension etc.

5. IOT and AI safety real time monitoring

IOT using RFID, infrared sensors, GPS, laser scanners to identify, transmit and manage structural health such as stress, cracks, deformation, vibrations presented in a visual dashboard continuously 24/7. AI analyzes risks of construction environment with early alert for rectification. Sensors constantly feedback data to monitor alignment between design and operations.
Site personnel are embedded with smart chips for access control and attendance statistics, also recording the trajectory in the project site, with real-time safety voice alarms. Add-on with temporary lighting analysis and safety evacuation simulation.

6. Construction quality control

The program automatically generates a quality acceptance plan in accordance to the relevant standards. The use of mobile terminals at construction site dynamically identifies, display the data input and upload them to the server for all inspection participants.

On-site measurement and positioning by intelligent total station.

7. Progress Scheduling and tracking

Virtually simulating construction process with 3D BIM model and construction schedule. The program offers real-time data collection, update and tracking of current progress, resources, costs. It will automatically analyse and identify the deviations with daily construction photos point cloud model to adjust the schedule, assist by laser scanning, GPS, mobile communication.

OPERATE @ Post-Construction phase

Avoid Human works (reducing resources at this aging society) and optimization of decision-making at post construction phase.

8. Property management includes

  • Keeping a complete set of as-built information on concealed elements such as sewerage line, reducing rework at future renovation and modification;
  • Facility and equipment operation recording and maintenance scheduling.
  • Environment remote monitoring including energy saving, lighting and fire alarm


Cubicost is a Costing Software with BIM (Building Information Model) based technology, an integrated automatic quantity takeoff solution in AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry.

With build-in local measurement standard, it replaces manual cost analysis and cost estimation of building components from construction drawings, to a streamlined and repeatable takeoff from the digital drawings.

CubiCost comprised of 4 individual software

  • TAS – for architecture and structure,
  • TRB for rebar,
  • TME – for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing,
  • TBQ – for Bills of Quantity, tendering

which virtually cover all cost estimation requirements. This BIM model and related data is easily transferred between 4 software products, bring you the most efficient and accurate cost estimation.

CubiCost enables sharing among other popular software from upstream to downstream in the industry. It supports direct drawing import from AutoCad, Revit, PDF files, and library data to price and manage BQ items.

The software generates automatically Excel or Words report by floor, room or zone for progress claim or variation order. It provides management protocols in managing the feasibility, strategy maps and project budgeting.